It was a stressful week. Ramai orang kena laser dengan aku minggu lepas. I really couldn’t help it.

Jadi bila tadi dapat buat 10 laps (500m) di pool, terjun dari diving platform dua kali, practice butterfly stroke – I felt such a huge relief. I did try to steal some time for running in the middle of the week – tapi langsung tak dapat nak cari masa. Ditambah lagi dengan cuaca yang selalu hujan waktu petang. And I am not a gym person. I would rather pay to swim at the sport complex.

Speaking of swimming, my coach finally said this, after almost a year practicing butterfly stroke:

Hana, your butterfly stroke boleh-boleh sudah. Your freestyle and breast stroke are okay. Backstroke mau kena kasi improve lagi.

Wow. Aku suka dengar part butterfly stroke tu aje. It is the most difficult stroke to learn/master jadi aku rasa tak sia-sia lah usaha aku practice selama dekat setahun ni.


Sent a few requests for this upcoming trip. I hope to get some positive responses.

Fingers crossed.

I am in the midst of submitting a scientific manuscript for publication. Again, fingers crossed it will be accepted for next year’s publications. Amiin!