Submitted the scientific manuscript early this morning. Woohooo! I hope they like it. I have a feeling this manuscript will be less tougher to be published. I don’t know. That’s what my gut’s been telling me.

I really love to see my work and name in prints, especially when I am the first author. That feeling.. is just priceless.

O sent me an email like.. yesterday? two days ago? I can’t remember. He has this habit of contacting me once a month but apparently I chose to remain silent. I just don’t see the point. This relationship has no ending and I don’t intend to invest my time in it. So, that’s it.

I used to reply to his emails but not this time.

Not even a word.

Just watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and wow I think it’s cleverly done.

Semua orang yang tengok mesti boleh relate. We have painful memories (with people) and sometimes we just want to annihilate them. Macam dalam cerita ni. Joel dan Clementine were a couple and decided to wipe out their entire memory about each other. But then.. they’re still destined to meet and fall in love again and again. Walaupun diorang sangkakan itulah kali pertama mereka jumpa dan berkenalan.

So.. moral of the story?

Just embrace the pain..?

Macam dengan Z dulu. Z was my first love. When I left him it felt like it’s the end of the world. But now.. still see him on TV sometimes and my first thought would be.. Gosh.. you look old.

And now I feel nothing for him.

How time flies.