My scientific paper has just been accepted for publication by Royal Society of Chemistry. Alhamdulillah! 🙂 Should be published by next year. Phew! It was a really hard work. Took me more than a month to reply each of the referees comments.

Almost a perfect ending for my 2015!

Genap setahun pindah masuk rumah. In a way beli rumah ni untuk investment. And sometimes I love this house too much. Cuma, aku jarang ada di rumah. Selalu outstation terutamanya sejak Ogos tahun ni. Juga selalu travel.

My love affair with travelling is not a secret at all. I’m craving to be at new places, meeting and making new friends. My heart starts to ache if I stay still at one place for too long. BUT. I also love staying at home. I find solace in reading, gardening, sewing, watching movies on the internet (I don’t have TV), spending time alone, nurturing the introvert side of me (go get a life if you think everyone should be an extrovert).

Gah! I am a serious case of a bipolar person. :-/

Going to listen to another travel tale from someone tonight. Sounds like an interesting person. Going to be my last guest for this year.

Time is ticking for a new adventure. Going to sport a few things for the first time ever in my life. Berdebar + cuak jugak weh! Fingers crossed everything will be okay. Amiin!