So, what had happened in the past few weeks – turned out I pushed myself a little but too far in my yoga practice which caused shoulder pain for about a week. I took a breather and now I am returning to my yoga mat and this time I decided to take it easy. While it is good to sweat every morning before work, my well being is obviously far more important. And I think I’ve found a suitable yoga teacher (for now) – I went to many classes by different teachers just to find ‘the one’. She really focused on the correct alignment of each of her students (so we can truly benefit from yoga), rather than launched into a frantic vinyasa movement without really looking if the students are doing it correctly.

On the other hand, I made lots of new friends, those with the same passion – backpacking. We travelled together (to find hidden gems in this state) and had lots of fun. Can’t wait for our next adventure!  Woohoo!

P/S: I will continue writing on backpacking stuff in the next 2 or 3 entries.