Gosh. I’ve never been happier and felt very healthy.

This is my 3rd week into gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free diet and owh.aim.gee, my health condition has been greatly improved. I incorporated L-Glutamine twice a day and also bentonite clay and jojoba oil in my daily beauty regime and the result: WHY I ONLY DISCOVERED THEIR EXISTENCE IN 2016???

I am not sick, just in case you’re wondering. I am healthy, but I want to be healthier. I have gassy problem which I suspect derived from leaky gut issue, hence gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and soy-free diet.

Remember my shoulder pain which I thought caused by yoga? Naahhh. It could be from leaky gut issue as well. And guess what? After 3 weeks of gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and soy-free diet — my shoulder pain has been dramatically subsided.

So yes, I am back with my full blast daily yoga routine, normally accompanied by muzik gamelan which was surprisingly matched with all the asanas (yoga poses). haha

Yoga (with the right teacher) literally changed my life. Actually there was a glitch for the past two days but to my own surprise, I don’t feel stressful at all. I went to yoga class yesterday and guess what? I FELT EXTREMELY HAPPY AFTER THE CLASS! Memang luar biasa sebab diri aku yang dulu (sebelum praktis yoga dan amalkan healthy diet), akan rasa sangat stressful disebabkan these glitches. Tetapi kini tidak lagi!

I am now accepting and loving myself more than ever, jadi aku sangat berusaha untuk jaga:

  • tubuh badan (through yoga, swimming, hiking, probiotics, healthy diet)
  • minda (through travelling, reading, I have 7 more books to complete the list of 40 books I read this year)
  • jiwa (through solat, read and understand the Quran, meditation and gratitude)

Lagi pula, I am a registered organ donor since 2014. Which means, bila aku mati nanti organ-organ aku boleh digunakan oleh sesiapa yang memerlukan. 🙂 Sebenarnya, benda ni juga menjadi sebuah motivasi untuk kita sentiasa menjaga kesihatan – so that our body will still benefit others walaupun bila sudah mati nanti.