Today’s post might not for everyone. But I would like to keep it as a record for myself. Or it could benefit anyone with the same interest.

I went to yoga class today. Had a chat with my teacher and we talked about chakra (inner energy). I told her I try to meditate everyday about 5-10 minutes before my yoga practice and I also read about chakra but I don’t fully understand about it yet.

Somehow, she told me that she actually saw I always on the verge of moving to the ‘other side’ every time I meditate. And I FREAKED. OUT. Big time. I mean.. It feels like someone managed to see your within which was well, obviously terpancar di muka lah kan?

Then during the meditation today, somehow I managed to.. shut down my thought. This is something I couldn’t do before. All I saw was.. dark blue colour. I was baffled and tried to find the meaning of it. This is what I found:

Erm.. Yes. I understand that I have a higher calling in this life. Dan semoga aku sentiasa at peace with myself..! 🙂